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  • PLUTOT COOL: HellCat integrates all the essential features of a gaming seat to ensure you work or play for long hours. HellCat adopts a unique style with its exterior shell with a resolutely futuristic style. The backrest incorporates a headrest with thick padding and a breathable mesh coating, allowing air circulation and thus keeping heat and moisture at a safe distance ;)

  • UP AND DOWN: Hellcat is equipped with a Class 3 cylinder, which offers you a swivel seat and allows you to adjust the adjustment of the height of the seat using its joystick. The maximum recommended weight is 120 Kg.

  • FUNCTIONAL: The seat seat is equipped with a fabric covering, very resistant and easy to maintain. Hellcat can also be locked in a fixed vertical position or can be unlocked to freely switch back and forth. You can also set the tilt to different positions, from 90° to 135° to take a short break between two Battles.

  • FLEX ARMRESTS' Armrests from Hellcat are soft and benefit from thick padding for ideal support for your arms. Articulated, they will follow the inclination of your backrest to offer you a perfect ergonomic position.

  • DESIGN FOOT: It is made of reinforced nylon and is no less solid. The foot guarantees you perfect stability and mobility thanks to its 5 silent castors and respectful of surfaces (Carpet, Parquet ...)

Adjustable armrests: No
Color: Black
Cylinder: Class 3
Failover function: Yes
Net weight: 14 Kg
Revètement : Fabric
Tilt adjustment: 90° to 135°
Foam density: ?? Kg/m3
Maximum height: 56 cm
Minimum height: 49 cm
Width x Depth: 56 x 54 cm
Length x width x thickness: 30 x 7 x 2 cm
Maximum height: NC
Type: Articulated to follow the inclination of the backrest
Type: Articulated to follow the inclination of the backrest
Foam density: ?? Kg/m3
Height x width: 78 cm
Castors : Ø5 cm - Double - 360° - Anti-slip and antistatic
Foot: Nylon
Recommended size: Please check the dimensions of the seat
Recommended weight: 120 Kg


NEW! The new HEADQUARTER 200 Gaming Desktop offers a design and solid finish to accommodate your Setup. The surface of its tray with its carbon coating of 113 cm * 60 cm is large enough to have 1 to 2 screens. Your new HQ will easily receive your entire Setup: Keyboard, Mouse, Headset and even your microphone to stream your games. DESIGN STRUCTURE:...
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Packaging 1 78 x 65 x 35 cm 17 kg
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